Fall 2017 Coquitlam River Brood Stock Report


On November 2nd, Port Coquitlam and District Hunting and Fishing Club (PCDHFC), DFO personnel, and community volunteers commenced netting efforts in the Coquitlam River to take Coho brood stock to provide 75,000 fertilized eggs for incubation at our Grist Goeson Memorial Hatchery (60,000) and at River Springs Hatchery (15,000).   This fall to date, two nettings and angling efforts, when water flows permitted safe access, have provided 64 adult Coho that will be held and ripened at the hatchery.  The stock is checked every Thursday, ripe fish are killed and spawned, and the fertilized eggs are placed in Heath Trays in the hatchery for incubation and hatching.

PCDHFC’s hatchery is now holding 42 Coho salmon for ripening (we hope to double this number if river levels permit safe access for netting and angling), 14,500 Coho eggs (just fertilized), 21,000 Coho fingerlings (from 2016 eggs to be reared and released next June as “super smolts” ready to migrate to the ocean) and 30,000 eyed Chinook salmon eggs imported from DFO’s hatchery at Chilliwack (for completion of incubation and rearing to smolt stage for release in May 2018, ready to go to sea as smolts).   Visitors are welcome to view our hatchery operations when volunteers are present.

Submitted by: Norm Fletcher, Port Coquitlam and District Hunting and Fishing Club






Our Roundtable Watershed Coordinator can be reached at coordinator@coquitlamriverwatershed.ca

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